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True. #nevergiveup #neversettle #love #grace #hope #faith



Yes # let’s get together and hug it out. #techlove #nf if I become a ad app to design then I could get love. Wink. New Halloween costume. Jk

When you stand before God, and you know and he knows, you have nothing to offer, and He still loves you the same, it really makes you more grateful and humble.
It’s hard, I know, believe or even accept a love that does not ask us anything. And people sometimes spend a lifetime believing that true love can never be found, when in fact, it is closer than they dare to believe.
We are loved, and it is demonstrated everyday, in every sunset, in the rainy afternoon, in the starry night or in the death of a beloved son.
Anne Nascn // What’s Christianity to you? (via worshipgifs)

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Nothing more fun than hearing the #usc #trojans

My morning run. Moon still in the sky. #palmdesert

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